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Selected Contents, Authors Index and Proceedings files

Editor: Kanji Ono

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JAE: Journal of Acoustic Emission:

Cumulative Contents, Volume 1-30, 1982-2012 (ca. 250 KB)
  Author's Index, Volume 1-30, 1982-2012 (ca. 1.8 MB)
JAE articels on
Comprehensive Authors Index 2011 (ca. 600 KB)

  • JAE: Journal of AE, Volume 1-29, 1982-2011
  • IAES: International AE Symposium, Volume 1-20, 1972-2010
  • ICAE: International Conference (or World Meeting) on AE, ICAE1-6, 1980-2007
  • EWGAE: European Conference on AE Testing, Volume 22-29, 1996-2010
  • AERC/AECM: International Conference of AE from Reinforced Composite or Composite Materials, AERC/AECM 1-6, 1982-1998
European Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing:

Contents of the Proceedings, 1986-2012 (ca. 7.8 MB)
IAES: International Acoustic Emission Symposia:
New EWGAE 22-30 Contents of the Proceedings, 1972-2010 (ca. 8 MB)
New EWGAE 22-30 Authors Index, 1996-2012 (ca. 200 KB)
ICAE: International Conference (or World Meeting) on AE:

ICAE Cumulative Contents, ICAE 1-6 ,1980-2007 (ca. 10 MB)
  ICAE Authors Index, ICAE 1-6 ,1980-2007 (ca. 140 KB)
  ICAE 5 Proceedings:  Progress in Acoustic Emission IX - Transitions in AE for the 21st Century, 1998 (ca. 37 MB)
  ICAE 6 Proceedings:  Advances in Acoustic Emission, 2007 (ca. 27 MB)
AERC: International Conference on AE from Reinforced Composites
AECM: International Conference on AE from Composite Materials

AERC/AECM Cumulatice Contents, AERC/AECM 1-6, 1982-1998
  AERC/AECM Authors Index, AERC/AECM 1-6, 1982-1998
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