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38 Years of
Journal of Acoustic Emission (JAE)

Editor of Journal of AE: Kanji Ono
Associate Editors: A. G. Beattie, T. F. Drouillard, M. Ohtsu and W. H. Prosser

The AEWG endorses the Journal of Acoustic Emission (JAE), but the JAE is not part of the AEWG itself.

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1. Aims and Scope of the Journal

Journal of Acoustic Emission is an international journal designed to be of broad interest and use to both researcher and practitioner of acoustic emission. It will publish original contributions of all aspects of research and significant engineering advances in the sciences and applications of acoustic emission. The journal will also publish reviews, the abstracts of papers presented at meetings, technical notes, communications and summaries of reports. Current news of interest to the acoustic emission communities, announcements of future conferences and working group meetings and new products will also be included.


Cover of JAE Vol 30.

Journal of Acoustic Emission includes the following classes of subject matters:

A. Research Articles: Manuscripts should represent completed original work embodying the results of extensive investigation. These will be judged for scientific and technical merit.

B. Applications: Articles must present significant advances in the engineering applications of acoustic emission. Material will be subject to reviews for adequate description of procedures, substantial database and objective interpretation.

C. Technical Notes and Communications: These allow publications of short items of current interest, new or improved experimental techniques and procedures, discussion of published articles and relevant applications.

E. AE Program and Data Files: Original program files and data files that can be read by others and analyzed will be distributed in CD-ROM.

Reviews, Tutorial Articles and Special Contributions will address the subjects of general interest. Nontechnical part will cover book reviews, significant personal and technical accomplishments, current news and new products.

2. Endorsement

Acoustic Emission Working Group (AEWG), European Working Group on Acoustic Emission (EWGAE), have endorsed the publication of Journal of Acoustic Emission.

3. Governing Body

The Editor and Associate Editors will implement the editorial policies described above. The Editorial Board will advise the editors on any major change. The Editor, Professor Kanji Ono, has the general responsibility for all the matters. Associate Editors assist the review processes as lead reviewers. The members of the Editorial Board are selected for their knowledge and experience on AE and will advise and assist the editors on the publication policies and other aspects. The Board presently includes the following members:

A. A. Anastassopoulos (Greece)
F.C. Beall (USA)
J. Bohse (Germany)
P. Cole (UK)
M.A. Hamstad (USA)
R. Hay (Canada)
K.M. Holford (UK)
O.Y. Kwon (Korea)
J.C. Lenain (France)
G. Manthei (Germany)
P. Mazal (Czech Republic)
C.R.L. Murthy (India)
A.A. Pollock (USA)
F. Rauscher (Austria)
J. Schmidt (Poland)
T. Shiotani (Japan)
P. Tscheliesnig (Austria)
H. Vallen (Germany)
M. Wevers (Belgium)
B.R.A. Wood (Australia)


4. Publication

Journal of Acoustic Emission is published annually in CD-ROM by Acoustic Emission Group, PMB 409, 4924 Balboa Blvd, Encino, California 91316 (USA). It may also be reached at 2121H, Engr. V, University of California, Los Angeles, California 90095-1595 (USA). Tel. +1 (310) 825-5233. Fax +1 (310) 206-7353. e-mail: or

5. Subscription rates for 2012

Subscription should be sent to Acoustic Emission Group. Annual rate for 2012 is US $111.00 including CD-ROM delivery, by priority mail in the U.S. and by air for Canada and elsewhere. For additional print copy, add $40-49. Overseas orders must be paid in US currencies with a check drawn on a US bank. PayPal payment accepted. Inquire for individual (with institutional order) and bookseller discounts.

  Subscription base rate (CD-ROM) for one year: $111.00
     CD-ROM + printed copy $151.00, US priority mail
    $160.00, non-US priority mail
     Print copy only $140.00, US priority shipping
    $149.00, non-US priority/air shipping
  JAE DVDs: Vol. 1-28 (1982-2010)  
     Two DVDs contain all the articles from the past
   28 years of Journal of Acoustic Emission.
$100.00, including shipping
  Individual Back issues  
     Available in CD only (no prints anymore): Cost on request.
     Separate pdf files of Volume 1 through 28 are
   available for download
  Payment must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.   
Bank transfer accepted at :
California Bank and Trust
San Fernando Valley Office
16130 Ventura Blvd,
Encino, CA 91436 USA

Account No. 080-03416470
Swift code: CALBUS66
  PAYPAL payment is accepted. Inquire via e-mail.  
  Inquiry and all orders should be sent to
(Fax no longer available):  
Acoustic Emission Group
PMB 409, 4924 Balboa Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316 USA
  Editor-Publisher: Kanji Ono
Tel. +1 (818) 849-9190
  Publication date of Journal of AE, Volume 29: March 23, 2012

6. Advertisement

No advertisement will be accepted, but announcements for books, training courses and future meetings on AE will be included without charge.

7. Contribution

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